Server Colocation Rack


Starting from
  • Szerver Hosting Rack
  • 1U - 20U rack unit
  • 150W - 480W Consumption
  • 1 Gbits internet connection
  • 100 MBits management net
  • 5-90 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 IPv4 address
  • Native IPv6
  • Bandwith usage graph

Server Colocation Tower


Starting from
  • Server Colocation Tower
  • Up-to 23cm wide
  • 150W - 330W Consumption
  • 100 MBits internet connection
  • 30 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 IPv4 address
  • Native IPv6
  • Bandwith usage graph

Availability must be guaranteed, therefore, we provide redundant power and network connection for your server. You can visit us anytime you want, and you can also send your machine via courier to us if you want, we will put it for you into operation for free and your device will be professionally handled by our experts.

We play safe, you can reach your server anytime you want - hence you save energy, a lot of effort and costs. You are also not tied to us with any kind of loyalty contracts.

Who can benefit from it?

  • small businesses that want their servers to be handled by professionals
  • for those who do not want to spend money on infrastructure
  • for those who want to ensure availability with the help of redundant systems
  • for large companies that do not want to develop their own server rooms
  • for everyone who want to reach and manage their servers as if they were on site, yet want to leave the overview and attendance to professionals


  • Constant 22±2 ºC temperature
  • 99.999%-os klíma és energia SLA
  • 3x500 kW cooling capacity
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 2x10 Gbit/s redundant network

Redundant network

Our systems are backed up by redundant electricity and network connection. This way we want to ensure that your server, and thus the services and websites offered by you, are working properly and are always available.

0/24 Security

Your server could not even be better off in Fort Knox: Our security service monitors the machines all day long to prevent unauthorized access, and also the operation is continuously monitored by our professional staff.


The server parameters can be customized according to customer requirements, so to enable the best configuration for your needs, and our cooperation. Motherboard, network traffic, HDD, RAM,... as desired, everything can be created according to your needs.

Management network for free

We provide IPMI / iLO / Drac management systems, so you get accessed to the monitor and the keyboard of your device, hence you can handle your server as if you were sitting next to it.

Network traffic monitoring and analysis

With the help of our charts you will have a constant access to the changes in network traffic, and the valuable information will always be on hand.

1 Gbit / s port for the server

You server is in good hands with us, we set no limits regarding capacity, so you can make complete use of your server.

A szerverek az MikroVPS csúcstechnológiával felszerelt adatközpontjába kerülnek. Itt állandó 22 Celsius-fok, 1500 kW hűtési energia és 2x10 Gbit/sec redundáns kapcsolat várja a gépeket. A létesítményben 99,999%-os klíma és energia rendelkezésre állás biztosított.

The servers are continuously monitored by our experts, we ensure safety and integrity of the equipment, as well as that unauthorized users do not get access to the servers, yet the system is accessible at all times for authorised users.

Fiber cables


System Administrator

Also further tasks can be taken over by our experts, if necessary, so we can also manage the operation: your servers will be monitored by professional administrators.

TGE (10Gbit/s) dedicated Internet access / uplink

We do everything to ensure the continuous availability of your servers. As an additional option, you can have a 10 Gbit/s strong dedicated connection for your servers

In case of more servers we provide you with free private VLAN / Network

Even the entire corporate network can be housed in our data centre, the communication will remain just as easy as if the network was expanded locally.

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