Professional network maintenance with the highest efficiency

Network cables

The management of any business has a great responsibility of paying attention to the computer network being operational every minute of every day. This however is no easy task, as in the best case it is done by the own expert of the company. A highly skilled professional who can respond anytime and can fix the errors if needed, update the system and perform the everyday duties of operation – it is not easy to find a person for this job, and even if you can, you will have to pay a great deal of money for the service.

Fixed price services

  • MySQL database backend (users, aliases)
  • Dovecot IMAP/POP3/SIEVE server install and configure
  • Exim SMTP server installing and configuring
  • Configuring graylisting
  • Installing Spamassassin with MySQL backend
  • Configure Roundcube webmail (rules, spam filter, etc.)

order now: $35.85

  • Installing and configuring Exim services
  • Set-up Dkim
  • Set-up SPF
  • Set-up outgoing ratelimit and logging if needed
  • MySQL/file based user auth

order now: $11.95

  • Installing and configuring Nginx or Apache
  • Installing and configuring PHP-FPM daemon
  • Installing and configuring MySQL
  • Installing and configuring PhpMyAdmin
  • Installing Memcache
  • Set-up WordPress / Drupal / Opencart / etc for Nginx (rewrite rule and caching)
  • Create max. 10 real users with separated environment
  • Set-up max. different 10 virtualhost

order now: $23.90

  • Installing PowerDNS with MySQL backend
  • Installing and configuring MySQL master server
  • Set-up MySQL replication beetwen DNS nodes
  • Compatible with .hu regulations
  • Max 5 replication client with PowerDNS

order now: $9.56


  • 0/24 server monitoring and emergency recovering
  • Starting resolve non-blocking issues within one working day
  • Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS or Gentoo Linux installing, upgrading
  • Including E-mail server setup service
  • Including Nginx/Apache+PHP+MySQL webhosting service
  • Custom software installing, upgrading
  • Security audit

order now: $83.65 / month

  • 0/24 server monitoring and emergency recovering
  • Starting resolve non-blocking issues within one working day
  • Including
    • cPanel/WHM
      • Initial installation
      • Initial service optimization
      • Upgrade
      • Repair
      • Licensing
      • Troubleshooting of automated update and/or backup creation tasks
    • mail services
      • Upgrade/reinstall exim MTA
      • Upgrade/reinstall Dovecot POP3 and IMAP service
      • Install/upgrade/reinstall/uninstall SpamAssassin
      • Install/upgrade/reinstall/uninstall ClamAV antivirus
      • Troubleshoot and repair mail delivery problems (note: problems caused by 3rd party mail scanning, filtering, products are not supported, custom delivery rules or ACLs are not supported)
      • Troubleshoot standard webmail clients
    • Web service
      • Apache web server recompilation
      • PHP upgrade or recompilation with additional options/modules directly supported by cPanel's easyapache script
      • PHP configuration modification
      • ionCube installation/removal/upgrade
      • Zend Optimizer installation/removal/upgrade
      • eAccelerator installation/removal/upgrade
      • Troubleshoot and repair Apache/PHP installation and/or configuration (note: custom Apache configuration or modules are not supported)
    • MySQL / MariaDB
      • Upgrade MySQL / MariaDB version
      • Repair MySQL / MariaDB installation
      • Repair/optimize MySQL / MariaDB databases
      • Troubleshoot MySQL / MariaDB startup or connectivity issues
    • Nameserver
      • Install/upgrade/reinstall/uninstall named
      • Install/upgrade/reinstall/uninstall mydns
      • Install/upgrade/reinstall/configurate DNS cluster
      • Named, mydns configuration troubleshooting
    • FTP service
      • Upgrade/reinstall proftpd or pure-ftpd FTP server
      • Switch between pure-ftpd and proftpd
      • FTP service configuration troubleshooting (note: custom configuration rules or custom FTP server modules are not supported)

order now: $59.75 / month

Reasonable investment, constant attention

Our System Administrator services are recommended for those entrepreneurs and executives who would like to enjoy the highest quality service with minimal investment. Entrusting a third party can be the ideal solution primarily for small- and medium-sized businesses which do not have a huge system for which it could be truly worth it to hire a professional.

Our services include the assembly and installation of the computer system. Operation of the Linux based systems are monitored by our professionals constantly, constantly, 24 hours a day. And if errors occur, we can start troubleshooting within 15 minutes.

Monitoring your servers


Our expert monitor the performance of your software constantly, for example the operation of firewalls, respond to intrusions, attacks, anomalies or problems with performance, and if needed, check the system logs to find the source of the problem. In order for your data to be the most secure, we do not only provide constant protection against intruders, but even perform regular backups of your data. This way you do not have to worry about the loosing of your data – neither in the case of software of hardware errors and malfunctions, accidents or intrusions.

We maintain your hardware and pay attention to it that dust or other contaminants do not cause errors in the system. And if there is an error, we repair it fast and efficiently, with the replacement of hardware if needed.

Professionalism at your service

Our experts are not only capable of ensuring the perfect operation of your system, but can also give valuable advice if needed, based on their decades of experience earned in several fields. Therefore we can help with the usage of the operating system, improving performance, optimizing the system, developing web application and optimizing their environments.

As we monitor the operation of your servers and network, you can monitor ours – we provide regular, detailed reports concerning every important factor of operation, including performance and access data.

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