Who can benefit from it?

  • Those who consider it important for their services to be available every minute of every day
  • Those who need fast and reliable storage
  • Those who want to build their site with great visitor numbers on solid base
  • Those who want to keep their data in the greatest security and be able to access anytime

OVH is a French cloud provider that also offers VPSs to its customers. It is a world leader when it comes to its size of data centers and is the absolute largest hosting provider in Europe. OVH is not only knowledgeable in the world of hosting but also one of the main sponsors of the Let’s Encrypt initiative which provides free HTTPS certificates.

Intel’s next generation storages, the NVMe SSDs are the heart of OVH VPSs. They provide faster data access than other new types of SSDs by several magnitudes. Hosting packages come with up to 1 Gbps unlimited data traffic so that you can run applications on the server that require high bandwidth or generate significant data traffic.

With Spanshot, OVH’s own VPN backup solution, you can take a virtual snapshot of server content with just a few clicks and thus create backups fast. The 99.9% uptime also guarantees a stable and latency-free connection to your business applications. A reliable French company is responsible for the hardware management and maintenance while you can undisturbedly use your VPS.

OVH VPS packages offer a choice of 5 data centers located in Warsaw (Poland), Paris (France), Beauharnois (Canada), Sydney (Australia) and Singapore.

Operating systems

KVM virtualization environment makes it possible to run GNU/Linux based systems. We provide a wide range of solutions for running corporate level applications.

Client Area

We provide our customers access to virtually running systems so they can perform the necessary administration right away when it is needed without delay through the automated interface.

Automated convenience

In our system, the small tasks are completely automated so you can deal with only the important matters and so it can be the most effective.

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