• Full root SSH access
  • LXC virtualization
  • TUN / TAP modules available
  • Robust CPU performance
  • 10 GBit/s network
  • daily backup
  • SLA: 99,9%
  • HU flag HU (DMCA free) location

Who can benefit from it?

  • Those who consider it important for their services to be available every minute of every day
  • Those who need fast and reliable storage
  • Those who want to build their site with great visitor numbers on solid base
  • Those who want to keep their data in the greatest security and be able to access anytime

Server Hardware

  • HP Server (redundant power supply)
  • Dual Xeon X5650 CPU
  • 10 Gbit SAN network
  • iSCSI storage

KVM Logo SSD LXC VPS is a premium category product best suited for companies who most of all require reliability and speed. Availability of our system is 99.95% over a year with speed up to 10 Gbit/sec, all this backed by 840 PRO SSD storage and Supermicro servers. The greatest advantage of this LXC virtualization based product is the outstanding speed of the SSD storage which makes it particularly suitable for serving systems of high-traffic websites.

Reliable and fast storage

The Samsung SSD 840 PRO was created specifically for business usage, for enterprises, therefore it is not only powerful and reliable, but is uniquely fast with its 400 MB/s speed.

Speeding network

100% SSD storage and LXC based virtualization makes great network speeds possible - the network speed is normally 1 Gbit/sec, but that can be upgraded to 10 bit/sec if required.

Automated convenience

In our system, the small tasks are completely automated so you can deal with only the important matters and so it can be the most effective.

Operating systems

LXC virtualization environment makes it possible to run GNU/Linux based systems. We provide a wide range of solutions for running corporate level applications.

Client Area

We provide our customers access to virtually running systems so they can perform the necessary administration right away when it is needed without delay through the automated interface.

Redundant IP network

Our connection is always as stable as it comes: our servers are connected to the BIX data exchange center and the centers in London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam via a redundant IP-network, through the European backbone network.

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