Who can benefit from it?

  • Those who primarily look for a cost-efficient solution
  • Those who wish to run messaging, management, database, e-commerce or media server applications on the machine
  • Those who want a private server without major investment
  • Those who wish to store family photos, private documents in a secure way
  • For those who need a reliable service with stabile long-term costs.

Server Hardware

  • HP Blade Server
  • Dual Xeon E5 CPU
  • REG ECC server RAM
  • 10 Gbit SAN network
  • RAID 1 SSD

KVM Logo With the container-based LXC virtualization technology multiple secure and isolated virtual servers can be created using a single Linux kernel. Each of the containers operate as a fully independent server, using the shared resources according to their needs, providing an energy- and cost-effective solution.

The operating system level technology creates a virtual environment that can run its processes isolated on the network without the need for creating a complete virtual machine.

LXC virtualization is a perfect choice for those who want an easily manageable, flexible virtual system with minimal need for resources providing maximum availability, stability and reliability. Virtual servers provide uninterrupted connection to the Internet, and containers can be directly, easily managed even by our clients through the automated client gateway interface.

For a company providing e-commerce, media services or intends to build an administrative database LXC virtual servers offer a perfect solution with long-term planning and stable costs. And in addition you can rest easy that the servers will always have access to resources matching the current workloads.

Client Area

We provide an automated interface for our customers through which they can manage their servers any time themselves - the Automated Client Gateway provides a quick and effective way of administration.

Low price, high quality

Thanks to our modern HP servers that can achieve high data rates we can offer low prices in the Hungarian server market.

Operating systems

LCX VPS makes it possible to run GNU/Linux based systems. We offer a wide range of solutions, including preinstalled application servers.

LXC based technology

LXC makes it possible to create flexible, secure, high-performance systems that are easy to manage. Container based virtualization is the best choice for running any Linux based system.

Excellent network connection

You can access your system anytime, anywhere, your services will run with full availability thanks to the exceptionally strong internet connection that will work excellently both in Hungary and abroad.

Állandó szakértői ügyféltámogatás

Ha segítségre van szüksége, kérdései volnának, tapasztalt szakembereink mindig készséggel állnak rendelkezésére – hiszen számunkra is az a legfontosabb, hogy a szolgáltatás mindenkor tökéletesen működjön.

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