I. Service provider

Name: MikroVPS Kft.
Address: 7150 Bonyhád, Jókai u 3., Hungary
Telefon: +36307564514
Tax number: 25189861-2-17
EU VAT: HU25189861

The service provider’s customer service contact details:

  • e-mail: support@mikrovps.hu (A MikroVPS Kft. megkereséseket technikai okokból kizárólag írásban (email, hibajegy) tud fogadni.)

Hereinafter referred to as Service Provider

II. The contact of Data Protection Officer

A MikroVPS Kft. does not have a Data Protection Officer since it does not handle data or operate in a sector where it is needed.

III. The objectives and legal basis of data management

This prospectus is aimed at informing our website visitors, present and prospective clients in a clear and transparent manner about the scope of data processed by us and on what basis it is carried out. As the legal text does not promote clarity, the legal references have been placed in a separate paragraph at the end of this document.

  1. Server log files
    On our servers, we log the IP address, the address and subpage of the requested website (in case of viewing the website), the email address (in case of downloading, sending / receiving email), the IP address of FTP / SSH login, their time and duration.
  2. Contact form
    When using the contact form on our website and at our Client Portal (opening Ticket function), we will request your email address and your name. This is to facilitate online communication. This data is handled on the basis of your consent.
  3. Comments on the blog/website
    It is possible to post comments on our website/blog, this way interacting with the writer of the post and / or other visitors. The comments are handled and stored by the Disqus system, which requires you to log in to the system. The legal basis for the data management is the data subject’s consent.
  4. Newsletter/ eDM
    We may send newsletters about our sales, promotions, news and other information to those who sign up for our newsletter or give their consent. Newsletters fall under the category of advertising for the reason that they include the name and address of our company. You can sign up for the newsletter by entering your name and email address and with special confirmation (opt-in) when ordering service.
    The times of opt-in and opt-out and IP addresses are recorded.
  5. Facebook page
    In order to facilitate online communication and give information, we have a Facebook page where it is possible for users to write comments, give opinions, rate, submit content. We obtain personal details (name, comment) with the consent of the data subject. We do not use this information, it does not leave the system of Facebook by us.
  6. Invoicing
    When ordering a service, we issue an invoice in an automated way, for which we need to request some necessary details: name, address, email address, as well as the name of the contact person in case of a company or organisation.
  7. Contact by phone
    In case of contacting our Call Centre/telephone helpline/helpdesk, we may record your phone number and the conversation as well. We handle this data with your consent for the purpose of calling you back if it is necessary and this way we can identify you (provided that you are already our customer).
  8. Contact details of business and professional partners
    In the course of business / professional relationships, we handle the personal information of our partners’ managers, employees and contact person based on legitimate interest such as their name, telephone number, email address.
  9. Cookies
    1. A cookie is an information packet consisting of letters and numbers, which is usually sent by websites to your browser in order to save certain settings, facilitate the use of the website and to help gather some relevant, statistical information about our visitors.
    2. Cookies do not contain any personal information and are unable to identify an individual user. Cookies often contain a unique identifier, a secret, randomly generated sequence of numbers, which is stored on your device. Some cookies will cease to function after leaving the site, but some are stored on your computer for an extended period of time. You can prevent all activities related to cookies, delete the data files you placed during your previous visits. The guide of your browser will show you how to do this, which can be found on the following pages:
  10. The list of cookies used on this site
    Name Domain Porpuse Expiry date
    lg *.mikrovps.net Storage of selected language and currency 1 év
    __cfduid *.mikrovps.net Cloudflare CDN/WAF in order to identify reliable web traffic 1 év
    lhc_per *.mikrovps.net Cookie necessary for operating online chatting 0,5 év
    PHPSESSID chat.mikrovps.net Client/visitor session identification Session
    WHMCS* my.mikrovps.hu Client/visitor session identification Session

IV. Withdrawal of consent

  1. With your consent, we will process your data in the following cases:
    1. sending a newsletter including advertisement if you sign up
    2. using the contact form on the website on part of the interested parties
    3. operating a Facebook page
    4. blog post
    5. phone contact
    6. ordering a service
  2. Your consent may be withdrawn at any time in the same simple manner in which it was given.
    1. In case of a newsletter, you may revoke your consent by clicking on the unsubscribe link placed at the end of the newsletter or by blocking it in the customer portal (opt-out). Both the IP address and time of the opt-out are recorded.
    2. In case of a Facebook page, you can withdraw your assent by un-liking the page.
    3. In case of Disqus comment, you can delete your comment.
    4. For other consent-based data management operations, please send a short message to the following email address: support@mikrovps.hu
    5. Data management prior to the withdrawal of consent is considered legal.

V. Contract and legal obligation

  1. Keeping billing information and issuing an invoice is a statutory obligation.
  2. After ordering the services, a contract will be entered into with our customers upon acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. Our customer portal always requests the least possible amount of information needed to conclude the contract and provide the service.

VI. Designation of legitimate interest


VII. Duration of data storage

  1. Contact form (name, email address) until cancellation request
  2. Comments received on blog (name, email address, comment) until deleted
  3. Subscription to newsletters (name, email address): until unsubscription
  4. Facebook page (name, post): until cancellation request
  5. Invoicing name and address: as required by law, reference year + 8 years
  6. The personal details of business partners (name, email address, phone number): until cancellation request
  7. Cookies from the microvps website: until cookies expire, or as long as the user does not delete them from their browser
  8. Server log files: up to 3 months

VIII. Data transmission and processing

MikroVPS uses external data processors to perform certain tasks.

Receiving and sending emails

Google Inc., Mountain View, California, USA

Privacy Policy: policies.google.com/privacy

Having an access to electronic mail and all of its data.


Ambrits Informatikai Tanácsadó Bt.

Tax/VAT number: 20937054-2-08

Privacy Policy: www.cmfx.hu/adatkezelesi.php

Access to issued invoices.

Gravatar profile picture

Automattic Inc., 60 29th Street #343, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA

Privacy Policy: automattic.com/privacy/

A depersonalised, encoded string of characters generated from the email address is transmitted.

Facebook page

Facebook Inc.; Menlo Park, California, USA

Privacy Policy: www.facebook.com/about/privacy/update

Access to the name and comment of the user.

Payment by credit/debit card

OTP Mobil Kft.

Tax/VAT number: 24386106-2-43

Privacy Policy: www.simple.hu/adatkezelesi-tajekoztato

Access to billing data, the amount of the invoice

PayPal payment

PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A

Privacy Policy: www.paypal.com/ee/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-full

Access to billing data, the amount of the invoice

Access to billing data, the amount of the invoice

Disqus, Inc.

Privacy Policy: help.disqus.com/terms-and-policies/disqus-privacy-policy

Handling website and blog comments


Horváth és Tsa Univerzal Kft.

Tax/VAT number: 20937054-2-08

Access to issued invoices.

Domain registration

In case of domain registration, the Service Provider is compelled to disclose personal information to the registration organization.

In some cases, it is also necessary to provide the number of your ID or that of any other identification document. In such cases, the copy handled by us will be deleted immediately after transmission.

IX. Transfer to a third country

Egyedüli harmadik ország, amelybe adattovábbítás történik, az Amerikai Egyesült Államok. Az USA-val megfelelőségi határozat született 2016. július 12-én (https://ec.europa.eu/info/law/law-topic/data-protection/data-transfers-outside-eu/eu-us-privacy-shield_en), amelyet a Google (https://policies.google.com/privacy/frameworks) betart. Az Automattic szerződésbeni záradék révén felel meg a GDPR-nek (https://automattic.com/privacy/)

X. Rights of the data subject

Access to personal data

Visitors, clients, partners of the MikroVPS website are entitled to request feedback on whether their personal data is being processed and if so, they are entitled to have access to the following pieces of information:

  1. The purposes of data processing
  2. the categories of personal data concerned
  3. the recipients to whom the personal data have been or will be disclosed, including third country recipients and international organizations,
  4. the scheduled period for which the data will be stored, if this is not possible, the criteria for determining this period,
  5. the data subject's right to request the data controller to rectify, erase or restrict the processing of personal data concerning him or her and may object to the processing of such personal data

You will be provided with a copy of the personal information that is subject to processing.

The right to request a copy may not adversely affect the rights and freedom of others.

Right to rectification

Through our client portal it is possible for our clients to update their data and keep it up to date.

Right to erasure

Without undue delay we are obliged to delete the personal data concerning our clients, principal, website visitors either at their request or without their request if:

  1. personal data are no longer needed for the purpose for which they have been collected or otherwise processed;
  2. the principal / customer / visitor withdraws his / her consent as a basis for data processing and there is no other legal basis for data processing;
  3. the principal / customer / visitor has an objection to data management and there is no priority legitimate reason for data management;
  4. personal data have been processed unlawfully
  5. Personal data must be deleted in order to comply with a legal obligation under the European Union or member state law applicable to the controller;
  6. Personal data have been collected in connection with an offer related to information society services.

Once we have disclosed the personal information that needs to be deleted, I will take the reasonably expected steps regarding the technology available and the cost of implementation so as to inform the data controllers that my client / principal / website visitor has requested the deletion of links to the personal data in question or the removal of a copy or duplicate of this personal data.

We do not need to delete personal data if data processing is necessary for the submittal, enforcement or protection of legal claims. If a request is made to delete such data, we will consider it and respond in writing about our decision.

I am required to notify all recipients about the deletion to whom we have disclosed personal information unless this proves impossible or involves a disproportionate effort. Upon request, our customer / principal / user will be informed about the recipients.

Right to data transmission

In case of automated data management, provided that the legal basis for such processing is consent or contractual legal basis, our client / principal / website visitor is entitled to receive the personal information concerning them provided to me in a structured, widely used, machine-readable format and transfer this data to another controller on condition that it is technically feasible.

Right to objection

My client / principal may object to processing his/her personal data at any time on grounds relating to his/her particular situation, provided that the legal basis for the data processing is a legitimate interest. In this case, I can no longer process personal data unless I prove that there are compelling legitimate grounds that override the interests, rights and freedoms of my client / principal or that are related to the filing, enforcement or defense of legal claims.

XI. Automated decision-making on individual cases

For orders placed on our website, our system carries out a risk analysis in possession of the information currently available (billing information, email address, IP address, shopping cart content).

XII. In the event of complaints

We handle your personal information with the utmost care. If, however, you feel that we have not taken all reasonable steps to protect your personal information or simply have a question, please email us at info@mikrovps.hu.

XIII. Laws

Sending a newsletter including advertising is subject to consent, which is laid down in Regulation (EC) No. 679/2016. Article 6 (1) (a) of the European Parliament and of the Council. Furthermore, Act XLVIII of 2008 6. § (1) – (3) prescribes the basic terms and conditions of certain types of economic advertising. I have relied on Regulation (EC) No. 679/2016 Article 6 (1) (a) of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to data management when contacting us on our website, making comments on the blog, operating Facebook page, attendance statistics and conversion assessment, cookies and data management for business connections and agreements.Billing data management is legally based on Regulation (EC) No. 679 /2016 Article 6 (1) (c) of the European Parliament and of the Council, Act CL of 2017 78 § (3) on Taxation (Retention Period for Accounting Certificates) and Act CXXVII of 2007 169 § (e) on Value Added Tax (mandatory elements of an invoice).

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