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Internet services are increasingly popular. More and more people are managing their affairs, ordering clothes, books, lunch, presents or movie tickets online day by day. Most people don't consider online shopping dangerous anymore as this way they don't have to carry cash around and be afraid that they will be robbed while shopping. They are however worried about giving out personal information because they fear someone will abuse the data and strip them of their hard earned money. It is therefore no wonder that they are more willing to pay for any kind of service on a website that uses secure data transmission system, i.e. SSL.

Advantages of the SSL Certificate

Https or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is secure http communication that uses asymmetric cryptography and encrypts the data of network connections at a sublayer. The system was developed by Netscape for the purpose of online communication authentication and encryption. Today it is widely used with user logins requiring a password or payment transactions. In order for your website to be reachable through https you must acquire an authenticated SSL certificate. You may find several differences between different SSL certificates – we offer more than 30 options, so you can chose according to your needs. For only 1500 Fts a year you can entice potential customers who were previously not purchasing your services only because they were afraid to give their credit card details on the internet. Standard SSL deals are good for regular websites but if you need something else, we are happy to help you find it.

Certificate prices

Services Price
GoGetSSL Domain SSL 5,65 $order now
Sectigo PositiveSSL 6,19 $order now
RapidSSL Standard 11,84 $order now
Sectigo Essential SSL 13,72 $order now
GoGetSSL Multi-Domain SSL 20,71 $order now
GoGetSSL Public IP SAN 20,71 $order now
Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain 26,09 $order now
GoGetSSL Wildcard SSL 61,87 $order now
Sectigo PositiveSSL Wildcard 87,69 $order now
Sectigo Essential Wildcard SSL 104,10 $order now
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