Ceph Storage


Ceph is a distributed storage platform designed to provide great scalability in a single system for object-, block- and file-level storage.

Ceph storage clusters run on hardware devices using the CRUSH (Controlled Replication Under Scalable Hashing) algorithm, distributing data between the clusters evenly, while data can still be extracted from every node quickly and easily.

It was created as part of a PhD project at the University of California. The open-source project launched in 2004, while the software itself was made available for public use in 2007. In 2012 a support service was launched aimed at large enterprise users.

It is one of the most modern software-defined storage systems, using the most elegant solutions. It is most capable of serving the needs of companies looking for security, stability and speed in a system with its high performance and redundant solutions.

iSCSI (archive) storage


iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface) runs on top of TCP (Transport Control Protocol), enabling the SCSI command to be sent over local and wide area networks (LANs and WANs) and the internet. The protocol transfers blocks of data between the server and the target device. The protocol is used by the iSCSI service of MikroVPS.

It enables remote backups of business data so the company can always keep them safe. For the user the remote drives appear as local disks which enables easy copying and extraction of data. Administrators can create virtual drives, distributing the drives between users and isolating the containers.

Development on iSCSI started at IBM in 1998 and it was made publicly available in 2000. The protocoll became ratified in 2003. It is a cheap and high performance storage solution, ideal for company archiving and data storage.



CloudLinux is an operating system running on cPanel. It was specifically developed by CloudLinux Inc. for providers with shared storage solutions. Development was based on the OpenVZ kernel, it is perfectly compatible with CentOS/RHEL packages.

The operating system was designed to improve stability and security of servers. Furthermore it is also intended to optimize the processes of multi-tenant servers, isolate the tenants from each other, set the limits for the usage of resources, optimize the work with databases.

CloudLinux basically provides a modified version of the OpenVZ kernel with unique functions and solutions. Most important of these is the LVE (Lightweight Virtual Environment) in which individual limits can be set for the usage of resources.

A great advantage of CloudLinux is that it increases the efficiency of servers by monitoring and managing spikes and through distribution, as hardware resources don't stay idle.


cPanel is one of the most popular administration interfaces for web hosting with millions of users using its services worldwide. You can use it to manage tasks such as adding domain names to hosting, managing subdomains, mail settings, database operations or more with minimal expertise. It also shows the server resources available to you on shared storage, their current usage and also takes care of logging. You can also use its file manager to copy, move, rename or delete files on the server and to assign various permissions to them. The premium cPanel costs no extra for the web storages we offer, as its use is already included in the price of the package.

DDoS protection


Our network is protected against DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks. Such targeted attacks today present the greatest threat to any company as they can paralyze any online service for hours or even days.

Therefore we made sure that our network is equipped with the best defense. We are capable of deflecting or filtering out attacks of X Tbyte, so even a major attack won’t disrupt our services.

10G network

10G network

If a network is not redundant, it won't be able to provide adequate availability. It's processes could be threatened by many factors including DDoS attacks, unexpected power outages and even natural disasters.

We are aware of these risks, therefore we created a dedicated 10 Gbit redundant storage network for our Ceph and iSCSI containers. In addition we have built a 10 Gbit backbone network, operating isolated from the storage network both on a network and physical level, securely.

There is a 2x10 Gbit connection between the switches and the backbone network and a full Gbit network at the server endpoints. Internet connection is provided by a 2x10 Gbit redundant connection.

All this guarantees that no unexpected event is going to disrupt our services. The companies we work with can run their services smoothly, with the highest possible availability.

Mikrotik devices

Mikrotik is a Latvian manufacturer founded in 1996 that provides solutions for computer networks. These include both wired and wireless routers and switches as well as operating systems and other software pieces. Today, its products are widely used all around the world. The manufacturer has earned a reputation for its reliability and real-life proven results. Due to its excellent prices and wide usability of its equipment, it is a real competition in the market for manufacturers that have been around for decades. Our company also uses Mikrotik’s products so that the services we offer to our users are reliable and uninterrupted.



Smooth processes are provided to our partners by the highest power density server room in Hungary.

Power supply (2x500 kW) is provided by a redundant, uninterruptable network. Power is supplied via a two-way, independent power line.

The air cooling system consists of unique Uniflair liquid coolers and precision indoor units on a redundant network so the hardware may never overheat.

Further cooling is provided by 3 completely independent water circles and freecooling outdoor liquid coolers built for tropical climate that are guaranteed to operate up to 52 degrees Celsius.

Infrastructure of the server room provides the opportunity to run high availability applications and services. Availability is further ensured by a 2.5 MVA Diesel aggregator with sufficient gas for 24 hours and continuous resupply.

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