Professional administrators, smoothly running system on-demand

The basis of a modern business is its IT system. If it stops working, if errors occur, work cannot go on smoothly.

Operating such a system requires a trained professional. Employing one is not cheap - large companies can hire professional system administrators, but for smaller ones it is more practical to outsource the work to a proven expert.

Our extended IT management and administrator service includes system maintenance in office environments, managing PCs, local printers, network-attached storage (NAS) servers and administering system tools, removing viruses.

Therefore you can rest assured that you won't lose your data, no one will access your database unauthorized and internal work and communications will be uninterrupted, contacting with partners and customers will go smoothly.

Software and hardware troubleshooting

So your system can always run smoothly: we give you the chance for uninterrupted work by paying attention to your hardware and applications that run on them.

Install, update, and maintain Windows and other software

Your colleagues don’t have to hassle with installing, updating, configuring. Our professionals will do it for you fast and simple.

Computer maintenance

We monitor the status of your hardware so you won’t have to stop work because of a broken or failed component.

Monitoring and maintenance of network and network devices

We give you uninterrupted communications in-house and between you and your clients by maintaining your network.

Data Recovery Solutions

We secure your data as it is the best for your company: you can chose from a number of solutions so you won’t have to fear losing your most valuable information and databases.

Anti-Virus Security

We protect your system from malicious software and viruses so you never don’t have to stop work because of your system is infected.

Who needs an outsourced system administrator?

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System administrator services are best suitable for companies that want to allocate a smaller budget for it but don't necessarily need a dedicated administrator, but who would also like to have access to professional services and smooth operation. Of course if you have a larger in-house system it is reasonable to have your own IT professionals operating it. But in case you have a smaller system, outsourcing is the ideal solution.

As part of our system administration services we will install and maintain your operating system and other software continuously and as fast as possible. We eliminate software and hardware errors and monitor the state of devices, maintain office devices.

Your data is safe

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What is the single most important resource of a company? Not it's products, capital or even customers. It's data. Data that makes it possible to handle and manage all the above. If the data is lost, the company cannot operate: administration, sales, communication and everything else comes to a stop.

Securing your data is part of our system administration service. We get rid of malicious software and viruses so they can't damage your most important files. You can chose from a range of backup solutions so we can securely store your data. We amintain your devices and software so even unexpected failures won't result in a loss of data or time

Experience and expertise on demand

Thanks to several decades of experience gained in various areas of computer technology, our professionals are capable of handling any errors, maintaining your system professionally and provide you with the information you need.

If you chose to work with us, we are going to give you all the information you need. You will know everything about the state of your system and be up-to-date.

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