Improve your enterprise IT system without large investment!

These days it is crucial for your company to maintain an online presence. You can't afford not to have a user friendly, informative and regularly maintained website, because potential customers search for products and companies primarily on the internet. Otherwise you would lose a lot of future customers and inadvertently reduce your own revenue.

You can't even avoid the everyday use of computers and the internet in your personal life. You store the family albums on the hard drive, communicate with your loved ones via e-mail and you look up the information you need on the web instead of the encyclopedia. Therefore you can be a company manager, an entrepreneur or a regular man, you will need a server that is safe to use so you don't have to worry about unauthorized people accessing your data.

Fast network. Really.

Our servers connects through a gigabyte network to the BIX data exchange HQ, then through the European backbone network to the London LINX, the Frankfurt DE-CIX and the Amsterdam AMS-IX and NL-IX data exchanges.

Client Area

Your services can be fully customised through the automated Client Area, so you do not have to wait for personal intervention for any modifications.

Transfer your services to us...

... and we move your data to our servers, so you don't need to worry about this.

Qualitative servers

We use new SuperMicro and HP servers. You don't need to worry about hardware failure, because we use redundancy everywhere. Our hosting partner operates the highest performance density server room in Hungary.

Register. Transfer. Manage your domain names

  • Privacy Protection
  • DNS Management
  • Free Cpanel hosting

Virtual servers: more safety for less money

If you want to run a blog alongside your company website, webshop or commercial site you are going to need a domain name and a web host, and of course a server for the storage of your digital data. If you do not have an office or you don't even want one – e.g. because you run a webshop and only need a warehouse – it would be hard for you to find a way to store the server. In this case you should use a virtual private server (VPS).

This is also the best solution if you are worried about unauthorized access to your data, as you probably don't have the sufficient financial resources to store your server on a professional server farm, but the host you rent the server from – in this case, us – does. It is a misconception that company data is the most safe when stored on your own machine. It is far better if it is located in a remote data center, where the servers are under constant technical and security surveillance, protected from unauthorized intruders, environmental effects or power outage.

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Upgrading your IT system with minimum investment

Whichever you choose from our virtual private server (VPS) offerings, be it the premium quality Xen or the more cost-efficient OpenVZ you can be confident that you can maintain the IT system, website, webshop or blog of your business cheaper than if you maintained your own server – and invest in its maintenance and hiring an administrator. But you get more than just a virtual server, you can also arrange the registration of your new website as well.

Moreover, in the latter case you also get storage space as a part of the deal – if you entrust us with the domain registration, you get 250 MB Cpanel storage space free of charge with a 10 MB MySQL database and 50GB traffic. Cpanel is an ideal solution if you wish to run company websites or blogs with fewer visitors under the chosen domain. Take the opportunity and don't pay for storage space!

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Whichever of our services you are interested in, contact us via one of our addresses and order the desired product now! We are of course at your service if you want more information about our products before the purchase, so feel free to get in touch!

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Please contact us today!

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