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In the 21st century your business can only develop if you keep up with requirements of our time. Number one among these, which you must fulfill is that you have to have a website which is informative, easy to use and user friendly. The design and content of the site are not the only important things – its address is also crucial. If you chose a domain name that is not good enough – it’s difficult to remember, too long or can be mistaken for something else – you will lose potential customers. Therefore make sure you've got the right choice before you register your domain name!

Privacy Protection

Get access to cheap Privacy Protection with every Domain Name you register (when available). Maintain your privacy and prevent email spam by masking your public WHOIS details.

Domain Theft Protection

Protect your Domain from being transferred out accidentally or without your permission with our free Domain Theft Protection.

Easy to use Control Panel

Use our intuitive Control Panel to manage your domain name, configure email accounts, renew your domain name and buy more services.

Domain Forwarding

Point your domain name to another website for free! Redirect users when they type your domain name into a browser.

DNS Management

Free lifetime DNS service which allows you to manage your DNS records on our globally distributed and highly redundant DNS infrastructure.

Free Mail Forwards

Create free email forwards and automatically redirect your email to existing email accounts.

The domain should be easy to remember and short. If it's not brand-like, does not contain the name of the brand, you should choose a keyword relevant to the content of the site for the purposes of search engine optimalization (SEO). It’s best if the domain is identical to the keyword. Don't choose a domain that has accentuated characters or hyphens. It is however wise to get your hand on the typo-versions of your domain, so you can get to even those who typed in your domain wrong. Most of those who are potentially interested will find you through a search engine, usually Google. Domains matching keywords get a top position in Google's website ranking. If the content of your site is greatly relevant to a phrase or a keyword, you should get that as a domain too if it’s available. You can get more than one domains, and if your primary one will be the one with the brand name, you can easily redirect the others here via 301 redirection. You should also get accentuated or hyphenated domains if they are linked to a strong brand which users are likely to try to reach by typing it directly into the browser and not in a search engine.

If you were able to find the ideal domain for your company website following the tips above, you should check if it is available using search engines. If it is, you can reserve it with only a few clicks.

Before you register your chosen domain, check if it’s available in one simple step. You only have to type the name into our search engine, choose your desired suffix (for example .com, .net, .hu or .net) and click on the Search button. Our system will tell you if it’s taken or not – if it is, you will have to chose another one. If the name is available, simply continue with the registration. If you do not wish to register by this method, you can also do it via phone or e-mail. In the case of most suffixes, registration only takes a few minutes to complete as the process is fully automated. Therefore you can instantly start setting up your website and it is up to you what time do you make it public, you are not restricted in any way. If you chose to register your domain name using our system, which is completely possible, you get full data protection free of charge. Your contact information will not be available to anyone who is trying to search for them in the WHOIS database. This way you can stay in full anonymity, and only those will get the information who you want to.

Today, writing a blog is not only popular among regular people, but also among companies. One of the reasons for this is that blogs tend to get better positions in search engine rankings than company websites as Google assumes that their content is more informative for the readers and they are not only trying to sell a service or a product. The other reason is that direct communication is a more effective way of reaching and keeping potential clients. If you provide interesting news and relevant information for them constantly, they will become regular readers. And if in a few weeks, months or even years they find themselves in need of a service or a product that your company offers, you will be the first for them to come to mind. Set up a company blog, entrust us with the domain registration and you get Cpanel hosting free of charge where your blog could be stored comfortably. And if you outgrow it in time, you can always upgrade by a few clicks.

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